About Us

Inspiration Made Real Fashion is an art form highly personal to the individual. There are some who use it to express their creativity and personality. To find themselves. And once found, to project their identity, loud and clear. They are young professionals and entrepreneurs. Trailblazers. Experimenters. Doers. They like to stand out from the crowd. We like those people. We make it our mission to produce handcrafted, genuine leather accessories to enable their experimentality. Bright, cheerful colors and understated pure leather tones. Edgy black totes and fun canister bags. Modern cuts and traditional ornaments. Our design work spans the breadth of fashion zeitgeist as we search for simple, singular designs to please our customers. Our products speak for themselves. Some are meant to serve a particular milieu, and others are intended to stand on their own. All are made with care and priced with you in mind.

Explore them for yourself.
We hope you are inspired.

Gepherrini is a Georgian lifestyle brand launched by myself, Ilia Gepheridze, and my wife Sophia Khositashvili. We rose from humble beginnings to become one of the fastest-growing luxury leather brands in eastern Europe. 
We emphasize quality statement pieces at honest prices.